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Perimeter Aviation

charter operator

Perimeter Aviation is a customer service and community oriented airline that provides safe, flexible, and dependable airline services to communities in Manitoba and North Western Ontario.

At Perimeter, customer satisfaction is top priority, and we are always looking for ways to improve the services we provide in each of the communities that we serve. Some of the ways we have worked with our northern community partners include:

-Offering discounted cargo shipping prices to northern communities, due to the high price of milk, and other essential nutrition-based items.

-Providing cargo and transportation services for “Outside Looking In”, an accredited national dance program for indigenous youth that expanded into Northern Manitoba in the fall of 2014.

-Hosting pancake breakfasts, fishing derbies, hockey tournaments, etc. within the various communities that we serve, to establish long-lasting personal relationships with our customers.

-Establishing a partnership to transport homeless dogs into Winnipeg in an effort to provide the animals with proper medical care and find them suitable homes.

We value hard-working employees capable of adapting to our fast-paced, ever-changing environment, and seek individuals who have a passion to succeed and are dedicated to providing superior service while maintaining a positive and professional “can do” attitude at all times.

phone +1 800 665 8986
50 Morberg Way
Winnipeg, Canada

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