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Aviapages Flight API

Aviapages flight API is a set of tools provided to external developers

About flight API

Aviapages aviation API technologies will allow your business to work even more precisely and economy efficient. We have developed solutions which are dedicated for sales and commercial departments of operators, brokers, aggregators and other market players of the business aviation industry.

The following technologies of our popular and time-proven tools are available for immediate implementation:

  • link icon Flight Time & Route Calculator
  • link icon Charter Directories
  • link icon Aviation weather & NOTAM
  • link icon Aircraft Schedule & Empty Legs
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API Documentation

Flight Time & Route Calculator

Is the unique technology, which allows to pre-estimate flight time for 500+ aircraft types just within a few seconds. The result of the calculation will include flight time, wind impact, fuel consumption and airways route. Fast and accurate flight estimation will significantly reduce time for your quotation delivery and not only, make your price offer even more accurate and competitive on the market, as well as will serve your sales as a great daily support.

Country and FIR avoidance

Nowadays sometimes there is a necessity to avoid some countries' airspace due to numerous reasons. Aviapages provides opportunity to build routes taking into account this additional parameter.

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Charter Directories

Our database is one of the most wide and updated in the business aviation industry today. The information is constantly handled by our content managers and includes aircraft from the most recent models deliveries up to rare and discontinued aircraft types. By purchasing our business aviation API service you will always have the significant market advantage for the charter flight solution for your customers and partners.

Charter Request

Charter request API gives the possibility to inquiry charter flights from multiple operators. It connects final customer or broker with charter operators. To send the request customer needs to fill in data about the flight: departure, arrival airports and the number of on-board passengers. To make the quotation clearer you can also specify private aircraft's type or class. Advanced filters allow to narrow down search results to those that satisfy client's needs. The charter request will be sent via email, messengers or API calls to selected charter operators from the list. We don't take commission or any type of fee for the charter request, the offer price is formed entirely by the operator.


Aviapages flight API gives access to NOTAMs - notices filed with an aviation authority to alert aircraft pilots of potential hazards along a flight route or at a location that could affect the flight. We provide original (undecoded) and decoded data.


Meteorological Aerodrome Reports & Terminal aerodrome forecasts - is the aviation weather information required for flight planning. Get them undecoded or decoded via our API.

Empty Legs

Collect currently available empty leg offers on the market and list your fleet availability. The services described above are available for the immediate implementation and are always under new and constant updates process. Our prices are affordable and we have a flexible payments policy. Using the Aviapages flight API, you can integrate the data we have available and/or our tools into your system, helping you automate processes and improve the service you offer to clients. We offer a range of tools to help you implement our aviation API. You can have confidence that you will always have access to the latest versions of our tools and the most up-to-date information. The solutions you can integrate via our API were designed to be best-in-class in the aviation industry, so they are trusted by brokers, charter companies, aggregators, and private individuals. Pricing is customised according to your requirements.

Aircraft Schedule

Connect your fleet schedule automatically to receive better quotes. Alternatively you can connect via your Flight Operating System (e.g. LEON, FL3XX, Avisched, etc).


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