Aviapages & FL3XX connection

Synchronize Aviapages & FL3XX to increase your sales to TOP

Key Goals of the Integration
  • Calculate precise flight times for quoting accuracy
  • Sync Aircraft schedule for faster and handly quote processing
  • Boost visibility and receive more booking requests
The integration options include:
  • Quote Flight Time Calculator
  • Marketplace Integration with Aircraft availability sync

Advantages of Aviapages Quote Flight Time Calculator in FL3XX:

  • Precision-driven calculations with wind data integration: Determines accurate flight times that consider historical wind data and are 97% aligned with actual flight durations.
  • Route Considerations: Factors in airway structures and FIRs that need to be avoided, offering a comprehensive path for flight.
  • Aircraft-Specific Modeling: Uses aircraft performance models based on the specific aircraft selected in the quote, ensuring that flight times are optimized for the exact aircraft in use.
  • Integrated Flight Planning: Once a quote transitions to a booking, the suggested routing from Aviapages can be directly applied for flight planning purposes.
  • Map View Feature: Allows users to visualize the calculated route, giving a clear picture of the journey ahead.
  • User Flexibility: Offers the option for manual adjustments if required, giving users the flexibility to modify based on specific needs.

Whats gives you the Aviapages Integration in FL3XX:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Sync aircraft availability to attract relevant requests from Aviapages.
  • Seamless Integration: Runs in the background, continuously updating aircraft availability.
  • Increased Booking Opportunities: Boost potential for more quote requests from Aviapages' users.
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Connect to FL3XX

How to connect

  • Put down your name, FL3XX email account and a company name, linked to this account
  • Press connect FL3XX
  • Standby till Aviapages sends you the connection-confirmation email. It can take a few days
Aviapages receives a request from you and does all the integration work with FL3XX. Once Aviapages is connected to your FL3XX account, you receive a confirmation email from us.

About FL3XX

The complete aviation management solution for charter sales, dispatch, crew

FL3XX automate the tedious work of bureaucracy and make flying fun and effortless again. FL3XX is your partner in compliance, freeing you from the hassle and headaches of regulations.

Advantages of Aviapages in FL3XX

Speed: AviaPages offers lightning-fast responses, typically within a matter of seconds, ensuring that you can make quick decisions and optimize your operations efficiently. In contrast, RocketRoute's response times can vary significantly, ranging from 40 to 120 seconds, depending on factors like the number of legs and the day. The consistently rapid service empowers you to act swiftly.

Reliability: One of the critical aspects of the platform is reliability and AviaPages is a robust platform that significantly reduces downtime. Unlike RocketRoute, which has occasionally experienced stability issues, AviaPages' services are dependable and you can trust that you'll have access to critical information exactly when you need it.

Ease of Setup: Transitioning to a new aviation management platform should be seamless and disruption-free. AviaPages excels in this regard, offering an easy setup process that ensures your operations continue without any hiccups.

API Update: It's worth noting that while RocketRoute is phasing out the API you've been using, AviaPages is committed to providing a streamlined and efficient API integration, with ongoing improvements to enhance your experience. Rest assured that your access to essential data will remain uninterrupted, even as industry dynamics evolve.

Flight Plan Accuracy: Flight planning accuracy is paramount. We've heard from multiple customers who have expressed concerns about the accuracy of flight plan calculations with RocketRoute. In contrast, customers testing AviaPages have reported an increase in accuracy. This improved precision can have a significant positive impact on your flight operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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