NexGen Flight Solutions, LLC

charter operator

NexGen Flight Solutions is full-service aviation company. Our offer pilots your every need: from private jet sales, management, charter and everything in between, equipped with industry expertise and infrastructure.

NexGen Flight Solutions was founded in 2018 and was a direct result of a strategic void in aircraft management, charter and sales for discriminating clientele. The current company stems from senior management’s decades of previous experience, many of them at Avjet Corporation. With 30+ years of experience running that successful endeavor, our team grew a small west coast operation into a global behemoth with over 70+ large cabin heavy jets. During its stewardship of Avjet, the current NexGen Flight Solutions senior management established a reputation as the “Tiffany’s” of aircraft management, charter and sales. In 2016, General Dynamics, one of the world’s largest aerospace and defense companies acquired Avjet Corporation. In an aviation environment where everyone espouses “bigger is better” & “one size fits all” the quest to attain scale coupled with the myopic focus on the bottom line often comes at the expense of the aircraft owner. In the quest for profits among rapidly declining operating margins, aircraft management firms and sales firms have been forced to compete predominantly on the basis of price metrics and at the expense of sacrificing personalized service.

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