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About Flight Calculator

If you are looking for a flight time calculator
we've got the ideal tool. Our free online calculator can be used as a flying route and fuel planner for any round trip, multi-stop, or one-way flight. The information it provides for your potential or operational flight plan includes distance, fuel consumption, and anticipated cost — with the information delivered to you instantly. It can be used by anyone, whether you are looking for an air distance and price calculator to help improve the service you offer to private jet charter clients or if you want to check a flight you will be taking personally. It is also a suitable flight time calculator for commercial pilots. Whatever your requirements, you will save considerable time by using our calculator instead of retrieving the information manually.
Our aviation flight path and route planner
was designed to provide the most accurate information possible. We achieved this by incorporating multiple data sources, including real-world data sources collected over many years as well as data from aircraft manufacturers. When you work out the time of flight calculations using our tool, you will see estimates based on more than 500 different aircraft.
The information you will get when you use our calculator includes:
  • flight time
  • flight distance
  • route
  • fuel consumption
  • the impact of wind
  • airport time differences
  • IFR flight route
  • charter flight cost estimate
All the above data will be made available to you in seconds
saving you days of work every month—time you can spend on improving your business and the service you offer to clients. You'll also get information on related services when you use our calculator tool. That information includes details on handling and fuel suppliers, caterers and FBO suppliers applicable to your flight.