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Country and FIR avoidance

Create a flight route avoiding specific FIR’s and countries

Nowadays sometimes there is a necessity to avoid some countries' airspace due to numerous reasons. Aviapages provides opportunity to build routes taking into account this additional parameter.

Let's understand how country or countries avoidance could be defined.

Each country has a set of FIR's and UIR's. FIR (flight information region) is a specified region of airspace in which a flight information service and an alerting service are provided. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) delegates which country is responsible for the operational control of a given FIR. FIRs are the largest regular division of airspace in use in the world today, and have existed at least since 1947. Sometimes FIR encompasses territorial airspace and airspace over neutral waters or may cover territorial airspace of several countries (for example Marseille FIR covers Monaco).

In some cases there is a vertical division of the FIR, in which case the lower portion remains named as such, whereas the airspace above is termed an upper information region (UIR). It can be assumed as FIR in scope of avoidance issue.

If custom region is required (for example a set of countries of totally custom zone) contact us, we will create requested region and assign a unique identifier.

Existing custom zones are:

  • Russia and Belarus zone (XX01)
  • Ukrainian conflict zone (XX04)
  • Europe avoidance zone (XX06)

There three different ways to specify this parameter:

  • Input country name which you want to be avoided.
  • Input Flight Information Region (typically part or entire country, depending on size, where air traffic control is provided) ICAO designator which you want to be avoided. Drop down list will show you hint.
  • Input custom zone designator.

If you still have any questions how to avoid required region or country, contact support, we will help.