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Aviapages & Leon connection

Synchronize Aviapages & Leon software to increase your sales to TOP 

The main goals of the integration
  • Minimize mistakes in flight time
  • Process hundreds of quotes faster and easier
  • Receive more requests
The integration options include:
  • Flight Time & Route Calculator
  • Charter Quoting
  • Flight Schedule & Empty Legs

Flight Time Calculator in Leon

Increases your correct charter pricing due to:
  • Accurate flight time: wind impact, airway route - 97% close to the actual flight time
  • Counties and FIR avoidance
  • Customizable profiles, more than 200 AC types are preloaded
  • Almost independent Sales work from the Dispatch team
  • Fast and proven charter quotes
Connect Flight Calculator
Flight Schedule, Empty Legs and Timely Quotations in Leon brings you:
  • Top sales
  • Direct and handy quotations inside of your Leon profile
  • New partnership opportunities
  • Significant amount of charter requests
Сonnect using your Opr ID

Please or provide contact data

The integration is based on a high-end OAuth2 standard.

This standard, combined with well-synchronized API allows customers to integrate sales’ options that they choose according to their needs. The OAuth2 is a secure connection created on authorization, not authentication and does not require access to such sensitive data as password etc. It works as an authorization token that confirms identity between a third-party software and a service provider.

How it works

For the flight schedule, empty legs and quoting
1 Log in
If you're not logged in, login or just type your contact email and company name
2 Connect
For the flight schedule, empty legs and quoting integration please use your OprId in the specified place and press “Connect”
3 Confirm
Then Leon software will ask you to login again (using your Leon credentials) confirming the integration
For the Flight Time & Route Calculator
1 Connect
Use button “Connect Flight Calculator”
2 Receive
After you receive a token to your email, find Aviapages Flight Calculator at the “Software” page in Leon
3 Activate
Switch it to “On”, use the token and press “Save”. Token gets activated and the user gets 300 test calculations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are using Aviapages in Leon

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