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Kenn Borek Air Ltd

charter operator

Kenn Borek Air (KBA) was started by its namesake in 1971. Kenn was a highly successful entrepreneur who engaged in farming and construction before aviation. The company was held by him and later his family up until 2019 when it was acquired by a long-time aviation operator.

KBA is an owner/operator of twin-engine turboprop aircraft and engages in charter, managing, leasing and otherwise supporting both its own fleet as well as the aircraft of outside parties. We operate internationally specializing in polar operations as well as other highly challenging work. We are especially known for being one of the largest operators of de Havilland Twin Otter aircraft, capable of operating on wheels, skis and floats. We are headquartered in Calgary, Canada, but our vivid orange and white with a black thunderbolt paint scheme is known around the world.

phone +1 403 291 3300
fax +1 403 250 6908
Suite A, 808-55th Ave, AB T2E 6Y4
Calgary, Canada