Aero Commander 690

Clearwater Air, Inc.
Class Light
Max. passengers 5
Year of production 1981 lock icon PRO
Serial number 11689
Homebase PANC (ANC), Stevens Anchorage Intl
We operate a fleet of Turbine Aero Commander 690s, the gold standard for aerial data collection. This aircraft provides exceptional stability and visibility, along with more than adequate speed, pressurization and maximum endurance for long- or short-range operations.
Typical Seating: 5 passengers, 2 pilots
Maximum Payload: 2,200 pounds
Maximum Range: 6.5 hours, 1,500 miles
Cruise Speed: 305 mph
Fully IFR Equipped, including dual WAAS Global Navigation Systems
Twin Turboprop
"...the Twin Commanders are...a "pilot's airplane," in the good sense of the term. Its control response is lively, yet the airplane is rock-stable and makes a wonderful instrument platform."