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SmoothAir Charter

charter operator

A division of Air Nunavut Ltd. 

Let SmoothAir Charter take care of your business, cargo, or leisure travel needs.
SmoothAir Charter is the southern Ontario division of Air Nunavut Ltd., a reputable northern Canadian charter company founded in 1989. The company operates a fleet of Dassault Falcon jets available for private charter from our southern Ontario base at Oshawa Airport, located just outside Toronto, Canada. We also operate a fleet of King Air 200 pressurized twin-engine turboprops from our northern base in Iqaluit, Nunavut (Air Nunavut Ltd).

phone +1 289 222 2471
fax +1 289 222 2470
1190 Keith Ross Drive, Ontario L1H 7K4
Oshawa, Canada