Royal-Star Sp. z o.o.

charter operator

ROYAL-STAR has been operating on Polish market since 1995. A great demand for our products contributed to rapid development of our company both in Poland and beyond.

Royal-Star Company manufactures aicraft components and engine parts:
cases, dies, punches, golding dies, machining, equipment, measuring instruments, assembly equipment.

Manufacture of aircraft parts is carried out using digitally controlled CNC machines accordance with customer requirements contained in the instructions and approved processes.

Company`s modern machine park equipped with digitally controlled machines for production of aircraft parts and various equipment for aviation industry.

In late 2003 Royal-Star received the certification of our Aviation Training Center Royal-Star AERO. We employ an experienced staff of Instructors, all sharing their lifetime passion for Aviation. We are one of the most experienced aviation training center in Poland and over the years we have trained hundreds of airline pilots as well as private pilots who fly for pure fun.
Because of our instructors’ knowledge you will be well prepared to perform even the most demanding tasks in the air, and you will be better prepared for Civil Aviation Authority exams.

Our technical stuff maintains our aircraft to ensure your safety.

By the end of 2009 we obtained the certificate of PART-145 maintenance organization manufacture of engine parts and aircraft components with the number PL.145.063 Since then, we also provide services in the field of aircraft servicing, both linear (periodic) and so-called hangar service consisting in making modifications, repairs and major repairs of both aircraft and their components. Since 2016, Royal Star Royal Star has opened a branch in Krosno Royal-Star Aero, Experience related to maintenance and overhaul of aircraft, engines and propellers allowed us to provide a wide range of services connected with restoration and repair of historical aircrafts.

phone +481 4 6811 917
street Drogowcow 7, 39-200 Debica
Rzeszow, Poland