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Pro Jet GmbH

charter operator

Pro Jet Operator has been founded in 2013 by the team of professionals for purpose to provide a wide spectrum of aircraft management services.

In 2014 Pro Jet has begun to provide AOG support from home base in Friedrichhafen (FDH) to her customers to keep their aircraft ready for flight 24 hours.

AOG support and wide range of services made by Pro Jet have received a recognition from customers in short time.

For last years Pro Jet has expended her network of AOG support in Europe in four airports, Fridrichhafen (FDH, EDNY), Altenrhein (ACH,LSZR), Zurich (ZRH, LSZH) and Dubendorf (LSMD), and open two line stations in Moscow, Russia in airport Vnukovo (VKO, UUWW) and Sheremetyevo (SVO, UUEE).

In parallel Pro Jet has begun to provide charter services for customers whose aircraft is on the maintenance or grounded by other reasons. For customers who has decided to carry out commercial flights, Pro Jet is providing her commercial license.

From the beginning of Pro Jet till present time our main goal is the providing of highest level of services of aircraft management.

phone +49 6332 9999 610
Friedrichshafen, Germany
principal operating regions