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PJ Helicopters, Inc. / PJ Air

charter operator

PJ Air was launched in 2015 in an effort to provide high-quality, reliable air charter in Northern California and surrounding states. Grown out of an identified need for this area to have a primary charter operation with safe and efficient aircraft, PJ Air was established as a division of PJ Helicopters, Inc. PJ Helicopters (PJH) has roots in aviation dating back to 1968 when the first crop-dusting helicopter was purchased by the Gunsauls family and put to use supporting Northern California’s agricultural needs. Since then, the fleet has grown and PJ has become one of the premiere private aircraft operators in the country, with focus on charter, utility construction, forestry, defense, and more.

This deep understanding and history in the aviation industry has given us the confidence, knowledge and resources needed to develop a top-tier airplane operation. Seeing a rise in demand for more fixed-wing services and private charter throughout recent years, we have risen to the challenge. PJ Helicopters/PJ Air remain synonymous with Safety, Professionalism, and Customer Service and we know you’ll enjoy your experience.

Our highly qualified flight staff are dedicated to continuous training and top-notch safety procedures, and combined possess over 400,000 flight hours in a wide variety of aircraft and mission profiles. We aim to earn your trust, and deliver the best product possible to maintain confidence and enjoyment from our customer base. We look forward to earning your business, and your trust as a valued customer.

phone +1 833 359 7524
fax +1 530 527 17 30
903 Langley Way, 96080
Red Bluff, United States