Goodjet (SP Aviation)

charter operator

That simple statement is the basis behind the customer need that created GoodJET.

The team at GoodJET ran a successful traditional charter company for 24 years, but began to notice a type of client who valued convenience more than luxury.

Over those 24 years we noticed patterns of recurring cost and delays that could be eliminated and, as a result, a more efficient business model was created. After numerous conversations with clients who had previous experience with Jet Card programs and Fractional ownership interest, we discovered that they were dissatisfied with the complexity and hidden expense involved.

GoodJET was started in order to take advantage of the cost savings we discovered and as a response to the need for simplicity.

The result is simplified jet charter at a much lower price point.

Efficient Jet Charter equals GoodJET!

phone +1 800 466 3538
fax +1 510 783 3587
9351 Earhart Road, 94621
Oakland, United States