JetStream Aviation

charter operator

We founded our company in 2004 choosing the name Jet-Stream as an homage to the first truly 'general aviation' company in Hungary. The 1998-founded MübAir Kft can be regarded as our predecessor – though not in every aspect – thus technically our professional background goes back as far as 15 years, but we like to present ourselves as 'just' 10 years old. When Tokol airport was reopened in 2004 our company moved into the main hangar there, gaining an opportunity to 'get our names out there' and grow stronger. The one goal motivating us from the get-go was to create a new standard in the history of Hungarian aviation: High-end quality service in maintenance and operations at affordable prices. Generally speaking aircraft owners welcome a 'full package deal': maintenance, repair and continuous monitoring of their aircraft's documents and status as well as providing as much 'work' for their aircraft as possible. JetStream also provides the services for the flight operations: flight planning/dispatching, ground operations, communications, etc. The success of this concept is shown in our continuous development and the increasing number of managed aircrafts.

phone +3630 427 2233
fax +361 999 7635
H-2315, PF.9
Szigethalom, Hungary