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Universe In Motion

Everything around us is in constant motion and time is of the essence. We are moving even when we are standing still as planet is spinning. Our meticulous attention to every detail is what puts Your mind at ease to fully enjoy the freedom of travel with us.

Every moment, second, counts.

Our global representation offices, located in Estonia, Ukraine and Russian Federation, allow us to deliver extraordinary service to our passengers and aircraft owners, operate flights, allocate jets in accordance to air regulations worldwide, with more than 20 years of Business Aviation Experience.

Aleksander  Seeman
Aleksander Seeman
Sales & Marketing Manager
phone +74957307595
headquarters ROTERMANNI 2, 4. FLOOR, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia
Victor Rudnov 21.10.2016
FortAero is a friendly company, which is cooperating with us on a subcharter matters. They are also a great choice for a short-haul charters in Eastern Europe & Russia on their Nextant aircraft.
SKYLINE Aviation 15.04.2016
We helped each other with Substitutes of our Aircraft when it comes to unscheduled maintenance, AOG events etc. Thanks for the good cooperation and business partnership - you cannot do anything wrong booking Fort Aero