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Aircraft broker, FXSolutions, is powered by the resources of Directional Aviation and the collective knowledge of owning, operating, and maintaining aircraft in our network. As a part of Directional Aviation, FXSolutions is not only the preferred broker of Flexjet but has the distinct competitive advantage of having a Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) company in the same portfolio.

FXSolutions does not focus on just one aircraft category — rather it is positioned to buy and sell all aircraft types, from Cessna to Gulfstream. We offer industry competitive advantages not found elsewhere including a hands-on approach to identifying aircraft inventory niche markets and a strong technical team that conducts thorough reviews of aircraft during the purchase process avoiding costly surprises after the close.

Long-term relationships are one of our core principles and the FXSolutions partners have built their extensive career experience honoring these principles. The relationship between buyer, aircraft broker, or seller is personal and requires a highly consultative approach as transactions can take several months depending on the complexity.

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355 Richmond Rd, Highland Heights, 44143
Cleveland, United States

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