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Colville Aviation

World class service…at the Top of the World!

With decades of experience delivering services in Alaska, the Colville group of oil field supply companies are well suited to provide the quality services you need on the North Slope. Arctic logistics are what we do, and Alaska’s North Slope is where we live. Colville is both Alaska-based and a local North Slope owned and operated business.

Colville operates a vertically integrated supply system in the Prudhoe Bay area, providing:

-Tank Farm for bulk storage and in-field distribution of fuels

-Sourcing and transportation of fuels from the refinery

-Fixed Base Operation at Deadhorse Airport (SCC)

-Industrial Supply


-Waste Management

-Commercial towing (Fairbanks)

Our Arctic logistics capabilities and record of achievement make for the perfect partnership when working on the North Slope. Colville’s experienced team can tailor a logistics strategy to support a wide variety of operations.

phone +1 907 786 8000
fax +1 907 659 3190
PO Box 340012, 99734
Prudhoe Bay, United States