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Esn Jet Services

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Our team will offer you the full spectrum of the required aviation and related services. We maintain the highest standards as regards the quality of servicing; we strive to meet (to the high extent) the permanently changing needs of both business aviation operators and commercial air carriers.
At the initial stage of work ESN Jet Services had undergone the obligatory (at that moment) certification procedure of the Federal Air Transport Agency of Russian Federation (FATA RF) to get the right to act in the area of organizational support to aircraft flights.
ESN Jet Services strictly observes the principles of maximal satisfaction of its clients’ requirements and maintains the flexible approach to the cooperation.

phone +73432726699
fax 73432726699
620025, Bahchivandzhi str. 1, Liter «Е» (terminal В), Office В2-149
Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation