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Saving travel time and money

JetTravelClub is a Club program created for non-commercial flights of the Club members, using lightjets aircraft that belong to the Club and are rented out to its members for their personal (private or corporate) usage.

JetTravelClub is the most experienced Russian lightjets operator, focusing exclusively on Cessna CitationJet model, possesses a full in-house expertise to take care of the aircraft and provide 24/7 service to its members.

Members of JetTravelClub enjoy the benefits of being able to fly privately into both major and tiny regional airports on a short notice, on their own schedule. The costs of aircraft rent and operating expenses for the members are often lower than travelling business-class of an airline, while gaining flexibility and ability to avoid layovers, and saving valuable time.

phone +7 (495) 969-00-99
fax +7 495 790 53 75
140180, Russia, Moscow region, Zhukovsky, st. People's Commissariat of Water, bldg. 23.
Moscow, Russian Federation
principal operating regions