Call & Fly

charter operator

Call&Fly anytime, anywhere!

Call&Fly provides air taxi services, private aircrafts and helicopter flights on demand across Poland and Europe.
Benefits of choosing Call&Fly aircrafts and helicopters: 

• Fleet of 25 types of aircrafts and helicopters ready for departure.
• 85 airports available in Poland + several hundreds in Europe.

• Availability 24/7, offer in 15 minutes, takeoff in 2 hours.
• Arrivals at city center airports, always closest to your destination.
• Date and time of the flight set individually according to your needs.
• Check-in via VIP terminals and Fast Tracks, no queues, no waiting.
• Time from arrival at the airport to takeoff not longer than 15 min.
• Transfers from terminal to aircraft/heli always with a limousine.
• Luggage within reach, less limitations and content restrictions.
• Catering as you like it, daily newspaper in your language. 

phone +48 500 803 800
fax +48 22 390 90 60
Warsaw-Babice City Airport, 34 Księżycowa st 3, 01-934
Warsaw, Poland
principal operating regions