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Bestfly Aircraft Management

charter operator

BESTFLY, is a new company in the Angolan aviation market, Established in November 2009, customer service is and will always be the paramount objective.

Our team comprises with highly experienced individuals, all our operational staff are duly certified, that allows us to create a dynamic and pro-active organization.

Our goal is to anticipate any possible problems not allowing them to actually occur.

BESTFLY senior management team includes an Airline Pilot with over 9000 hours, that flew for the biggest Business Jets operator in world NETJETS, and an Ex-NETJETS Europe customer service representative, and the Ex-Financial Manager of Portugalia Regional Airlines, which enables us to understand and implement the needs of a high demanding market as it is the business aviation.

In just over two years of operations, BESTFLY, became the market leader and the most recognized brand in the business aviation handling in Angola, with a market share of close to 80%.

phone +244 927 491 327
VIP Terminal 4th February International Airport
Luanda, Angola