Jet Story

charter operator

The story of unique experiences

We are a Polish private jet airline. We have been on the market since 2006 and today we are the largest carrier in Central and Eastern Europe in our category. Our comprehensive offer includes business aviation, i.e. private jet rental services and professional aircraft purchasing consultancy services, as well as aircraft maintenance and management.
Our team of people with extraordinary passion and unique experience provides round-the-clock superior service standards and absolute customer satisfaction. Jet Story employs almost 170 people, including 50 pilots and 20 flight attendants.

Jet Story exists to provide all-round assistance to clients interested in personal air travel. You can hire a jet from us and instantly fly anywhere in the world.

At Jet Story it is you who decides how your journey will look - minute by minute. We fully adapt to your plans and requests, both in the air and on the ground. On board we can provide any menu you wish, consisting of dishes from the best restaurants in Europe, and after landing we will arrange transportation for you by car or helicopter directly from the apron to your final destination.
If you are considering buying your own airplane, we will give you professional advice and find the aircraft best suited to your needs. If you already own a private jet, we will provide you with professional maintenance and comprehensive management as well as ensure you income through the commercial use of your plane. In brief - we take care of all personal aviation matters, leaving you with only the pleasure of travelling.

phone +48 22 609 6344
fax +48 22 609 6340
ul. 17 Stycznia 47, 02-146
Warsaw, Poland
principal operating regions