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BalmOral Central Contracts SA

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We are a somewhat unusual company in that we tend to be a little “old fashioned” and approach life and business differently than most. Like all “for profit” companies we are in business to make money, but, we believe that business (and indeed all of life) is about people and we strongly believe in honesty, honour and integrity.

Aviation is a demanding occupation and the environment in the places we operate, by their very nature, tends to make it even more demanding. BalmOral unashamedly take great pride in our safety record and our reputation for providing exceptional service.

This is not just true for the management of our companies but just as much (and perhaps even more so) for staff in the field who are proud of what they do and proud of the company they work for. These are the people that our customers deal with on a daily basis and they are responsible for the success we have managed to achieve.

BalmOral pioneered the introduction of helicopters into Harbors as pilot boats in what has become known as HPS (Harbor Pilot Shuttle) operations, started initially in China, followed in the USA and South Africa.

BalmOral is licensed by the South African Civil Aviation Authority, (the SACAA) as an Air Carrier under SACAA CAT’s and CAR’s and approved to operate Part 135 (Small Aircraft), Part 121 (Large Aircraft) and Part 127 (Helicopters).

phone +27 11 659 1005/8
fax +27 11 659 1007
Hangar 107, Gate 13, Lanseria International Airport, 1748
Johannesburg, South Africa