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Embraer 120ER

BalmOral Central Contracts SA
Class Airliner
Max. passengers 30
Year of production 1990 lock icon PRO
Serial number 120.186
Homebase FAGC (GCJ), Grand Central
The Embraer 120 Brasilia has proved to be a popular, relatively high speed yet comparatively inexpensive to operate and purchase regional airliner. Embraer first began design work on a new regional turboprop airliner in the late 1970s when the company studied stretching its EMB 121 Xingu corporate turboprop to a 25 seat regional airliner. While this was the first aircraft to bear the EMB 120 designation (it was named the Araguia), the production EMB 120 is an all-new aircraft. Design studies of the EMB 120 began in September 1979, first flight of a PW115 powered prototype took place on July 27 1983, and entry into service was in October 1985.