Alaska Air Transit

charter operator

 As an Anchorage based air carrier, Alaska Air Transit (AAT) provides on-demand charter service, and community centered scheduled service throughout Alaska, Canada, and the Lower 48. By upholding standards of safe and dependable operation, we partner with our customers to serve the communities and industries of Alaska.

 Alaska Air Transit was formed in 1992, and has been operated by its current owners since 2004. Starting with two employees and two older piston engine aircraft, AAT has evolved into a company of more than 25 employees, operating a fleet of five modern, efficient, and safe turboprop aircraft. All of our pilots are highly experienced career professionals with backgrounds in the airlines, military, or Alaskan bush industry. AAT’s mechanics, our longest-running employees, are professionals who maintain our aircraft to very high standards. Our dedicated customer service, operations, and line service staff have a long-time commitment to aviation. Most are private, instrument, or commercial rated pilots, and a few are enrolled in AAT’s new second in command program.

phone +1 907 276 5422
2150 E 5th Ave, 99501
Anchorage, United States