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Flight Calculator & APPs updates, Charter Request API and more. Aviapages Newsletter.

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Dear colleagues,
it's been a while we did not send our newsletter, but now we have some good news to share!

What's new?

 1. Spring updates.  

This spring we've rolled out a huge update to our website and API. Besides major updates of website redesign with a new brand image, easier navigation and sing up it includes great updates of API, APPs and integration.        

     Our IT team finished the first stage of the Flight Time Calculator API with better short distance calculations, custom aircraft fuel, weight and degradation factor parameters and a separate update for the Airport Directory API -"on_date" parameter added for time shift, sunrise, and sunset calculations on a specific date.        

     Our APPs got some updates also – now you can avoid FIRs in the Calculator and an image viewer was added to the Charter Directories applications.        

     Integration with Scheduling systems was improved as well – Charter Request was integrated into Leon software and works in full, and FIR avoidance was added for Flight Calculator into Skylegs.        

       A full list of updates can be found here.

2. Flight Time Calculator Telegram Bot.  

       Based on our API, Calculator Bot in Telegram was developed for quick calculation of basic flight data – flight time & distance. FIRs / countries avoidance or fuel consumption are not available, but could be added as paid option in closest time.  


What to expect?       


1. Charter Request API.

   API service for Aviapages Charter Request implementation into customer interface.  

2. Flight Time Calculator redesign & FIRs updates.

   Dedicated better navigation and easier data-reading, easier FIRs input and faster calculation.  

3. Easier subscription purchase.

   Purchase subscription as easiest as it could be using so many payment options as possible – payment is USD and via PayPal.  

4. Flight Time Calculator into FL3XX.

   Optimize your workflow in FL3XX getting precise and fast Flight Time calculation.  

5. Aviapages Charter API project.

   Dedicated Charter API solutions for the industry with flexible packages based on API sector you use.

   Sincerely yours,
   Aviapages team