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Aviapages spring 2022 update

This spring we've rolled out a huge update to our website and API.

Release highlights:

- Website refactoring and legacy code cleanup

- Total website redesign started

- Database overhaul and optimization

- Better short distance flight calculations

- Almost all aircraft profiles in Flight Calculator have been revised and fine-tuned

- New public, redundancy and testing servers

- Flight Calculator telegram bot

User interface updates:

- New website navigation menus and site search

- Landing page redesign

- Sign up / sign in form updated

New API features:

 - Custom aircraft fuel and weight parameters for Flight Calculator added (aircraft_max_fuel, aircraft_taxi_fuel, aircraft_alternate_fuel, aircraft_holding_fuel, aircraft_contingency_fuel, aircraft_extra_fuel, aircraft_oew, aircraft_mtow, aircraft_zfw)

- Custom aircraft degradation factor parameter added

- Airport "on_date" parameter added for time shift, sunrise, sunset calculations on a specific date

Integration updates:

- Charter Requests to LEON software integration

- Skylegs flight calculator update

Mobile application updates:

- FIR avoidance added in Flight Calculator

- Image viewer in Charter Directories