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Hawker 1000

Airlec Air Espace
Class Super midsize
Max. passengers 6
Year of production 1992 lock icon PRO
Serial number 259026
Homebase LFBD (BOD), Bordeaux Merignac
Medical ramp
Adult critical care
The Hawker 1000B was developed as a longer range version of the Hawker 800 series model and has increased performance features to enhance its range. A perfectly sized Aircraft, Airlec has successfully adjusted its Hawker 1000 fleet to the specifics of Air Ambulance transportation. The Hawker thus presents itself as a cost effective and reliable long range Air Ambulance Aircraft. The Hawker 1000 is an ultra versatile aircraft and as efficient on short haul as it is on ultra long range. In addition it allows for difficult medical techniques onboard to be performed.

Speed: 450 kts
Range: 3,000 nm + reserves
Capacity: up to 3 stretchers
Additional infos: Cabin height 182 cm, in-aircraft toilet & lavatory, 2 large luggage bays, patient loading ramp, oceanic and remote area approved