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Columbia Helicopters

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

KUAO (UAO), Aurora State

Phone +1 503 678 1222
Fax +1 503 678 5841
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14452 Arndt Rd NE Aurora, OR 97002
Columbia Helicopters supports military and commercial customers around the world. Operators choose Columbia because we understand the difference between knowing how to maintain a helicopter and what is required to keep it operating in peak condition.
Columbia provides total life-cycle support on the CH-47 and CH-46 helicopter platforms. Columbia also supports the Honeywell T55 and the GE T58 and CT58 series of engines with its in-house correlated engine test cells.
We understand what it takes to sustain your helicopter’s readiness rate because we don’t just maintain them – we fly them, too.

CH-46 | CH-47 | H-3/S-61