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Columbia Helicopters

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From its beginnings, Columbia Helicopters has been a roll-your-sleeves-up and get the job done operation. Founder Wes Lematta was a hard-working, larger-than-life entrepreneur who supplemented his fledgling company with work as a truck driver. Wes recognized that helicopters had utility and potential beyond moving people, and for 60 years, Columbia Helicopters has done just that.

We were the original heavy-lift helicopter operator, and today we are the industry leader. Our helicopters and crews take on the jobs few others are qualified to attempt. From logging and construction, to disaster relief and defense, forestry to aerial firefighting — no job is too big or too tough for this team.

Yet our work goes far beyond flight; our service and support of these outsized, and complex heavy-lift helicopters is just as specialized and trusted.

We remain true to our roots and responsive to the needs of our customers, while continuing to pioneer to better support every job and every mission.

phone +1 503 678 1222
fax +1 503 678 5841
14452 Arndt Rd NE, 97002
Aurora, United States

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