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Tulpar Aero Group Ltd.

charter operator charter broker aircraft dealer

30 years safe at home and in the sky

MC “Tulpar Aero Group” Ltd. offers package solutions for aircraft owners and other customers around their needs. Tulpar Aero Group integrates
six companies providing a wide range of aviation services at the market of business aviation.

Our services: 

-VIP & Business Charters 

-Aircraft Flight Operation and Management 


-Foreign and Russian aircraft VIP-interior design, production and assembling 

-Consulting services regarding sale, operation and modification of aircraft

Airports of location: 

Kazan International Airport (KZN) 

Begishevo International Airport (NBC) 

Vnukovo-3 International Airport (VKO) 

Tulpar Aero Group: 

-guarantees every onboard passenger’s safety and security; 

-modern fuel-efficient fleet assuring VIP-comfort; 

-confidence of first-class passengers; 

-experienced staff working with first-class passengers for 30 years; 

-high competence recognized by numerous awards.

Dmitry Onyanov
General Director
Show contacts +7 917 262 21 80
Guzel Sargazakova
Deputy General Director for Commerce
Show contacts + 7 919 620 22 53
Leysan Aleksandrova
Head of Sales
Show contacts +7 905 021 27 49
Dina Sharafutdinova
Sales Manager
Show contacts +7 987 402 92 70
Liliya Valieva
Sales Manager
Show contacts +7 965 595 56 67
phone +7 843 537 78 80
fax +7 843 537 78 79
2 Garif Akhunov Street
Kazan, Russian Federation