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ThomasJets, LLC

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When Time is money, time flies.

Paul Thomas has been a professional pilot since 1967.

Having grown up in the Wichita, Kansas area, he couldn't ignore the fascinating evolution of general aviation around him. His first flying position was delivering new, single engine Cessnas from the factory, to zone offices located all around the United States. That led to charter and regional airline flying, which allowed him sufficient experience to land his first corporate job. He started as a Citation 500 captain for The Coleman Company, located in Wichita, Kansas. This quickly led to the chief pilot's position, and eventually Director of Corporate Travel. In this capacity, Paul managed the corporate travel agency, which handled all corporate travel within the company, as well as three corporate jets and nine pilots. As an Airline Transported Rated pilot, Paul has 14,000 flight hours, and is captain qualified in the Citation 500, Citation 650, Lear Jet, Westwind, and Gulfstream II and III.

In 1986, Paul started an aircraft sales company, Thomas Aircraft Sales, which later evolved into ThomasJets, LLC. Through hard work and "paying attention to detail," Paul has "grown" the company into a worldwide sales organization.

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