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Aviation Sales Associates is your partner in jet disposition and sales. Through over 10 years in the industry, we’ve cultivated extensive working relationships with governments, banks, and Fortune 500 companies. With a transaction history that spans North America, the Middle East, Singapore, and China, ASA has a demonstrated understanding of the global aviation market, while continuing to offer straight-forward, client-centered support for all aviation needs. Sellers love ASA for our quick and easy disposition of their airborne assets, while buyers trust ASA as a source for aircraft that exemplify pride of ownership.

ASA is a dealer – not a broker. We buy our own aircraft, maintaining exacting control over our inventory, which means we are able to offer our buyers extremely competitive deals with NO exclusivity agreements and NO confusing negotiations—just direct communication and easy closings.

Simply put, we make buying a jet easy.

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3132 Airway Avenue, 92626
Costa Mesa, United States

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