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Peregrine Air Charter, LLC

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Imagine being able to depart from a regional airport near your home or office. Airports like Allentown, Doylestown, Quakertown, Wings Field, Trenton, Northeast Philadelphia and many other conveniently located airports without scheduled service. Then imagine traveling to your meeting at 400 miles per hour and arriving at an airport just minutes from your meeting. By comparison if you chose a scheduled airline you might still be stuck in traffic on your way to the International Airport and its associated procedures and delays, while your competitor is closing the deal at your destination.

If you have ever been frustrated by the security and screening procedures waiting to board an airline flight, you are not alone. However, when you charter an airplane, there are no lines or delays to endure. But you travel with a great sense of security because you do not share the cabin with anyone that you did not invite to come along with you.

You know who they are and why they are traveling with you.

Your schedule becomes our schedule, you leave when you are ready and go directly to where you need to go. We can adjust our schedule as yours changes. There is never that frantic rush to make to make your flight, or long check-in delays. We can also use smaller airports, allowing you to arrive much closer to your actual destination than the closest airport with scheduled service.

By traveling on your schedule, and making direct flights to your destination, we can help you accomplish in one day what would often take two or more days, allowing you to sleep in your own bed, and adding even more value to using Peregrine for your travel needs.  

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