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Northeast Air Park

Northeast Airpark was established in August of 2003, providing the aviation community with a professional and encouraging atmosphere. Although the airpark was opened in 2003, it has been a much longer road negotiated by Jim Petrocelli Sr. whose diligence and creativity has led to what we see today.

As a private pilot for more than 30 years, Jim’s passion for aviation has taken him through many different levels. At the age of 20, Jim received his Private Pilot certificate while attending Norwich University, and since then hasn’t been able to keep his feet on the ground. Currently as an aerobatic pilot, his safety awareness and skill has led to a growing community of pilots who all share these same traits.

With the initial community, and family of aviators in sight, Jim managed and developed the first phase of Northeast Airpark. Attributable to the success of Northeast Airpark, is the core group of pilots that have occupied the space since inception in 2003. The airpark is home to many different aircraft types, creating an interesting and exciting atmosphere around the field.

Plans for the second phase were within reach and in 2006 construction was completed for 31 additional t hangars and 5 additional box hangars. Vacant hangars were quickly occupied with professional and courteous pilots who have raised the bar even higher, making Northeast Airpark a destination.

Our commitment to you is to always provide a level of professionalism and courtesy. All thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated moving forward as a community to strengthen the aviation roots that exist in Long Island. From the first flights in the early 1900’s to Grumman, Long Island has certainly had its share of skydancing, and we hope to continue this history with your help.

phone +1 631 399 3348
135 Dawn Drive, 11967
Shirley, United States