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charter operator

Our Mission

Provide cost effective and customer driven air transportation solutions using managed private jet aircraft where safety is the overriding standard.

Our Goals

Promote a top down safety culture.
Lead the industry with innovative world class services and safety management systems.
Maintain a business model resistant to economic cycles. 

Our Vision

Policies and decisions should endeavor to optimize safety and service, assure scalability, and minimize contingent consequences. When confronted with a matter of choice or interpretation in determining a course of action where the decisions are a matter of judgment, the safer alternative will always be chosen. Economic or service considerations cannot be allowed to compromise safety. However, this should not be interpreted as an invitation to disregard cost. If N-Jet is to succeed, all personnel must continually seek the most efficient and economical means of operation; however, it is to be understood as firm and standing instruction to the effect that safety and compliance with all safety regulations will always, without exception, take precedence over economic and all other considerations.

phone +1 847 902 2231
fax +1 815 550 9626
Chicago Executive Airport (PWK) 743 Sumac Rd.
Wheeling, United States