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Mid-Pacific Jets

charter operator

Founded in 2016 by a third generation of aviators in Hawaii, we are focused on providing quality air charter services at the best prices possible. Our management and staff are committed to providing a necessary service in non-scheduled air charter from Honolulu and is the only Hawaii-based company to provide this to destinations worldwide.

Our executive staff has over 150 cumulative years of aviation experience, having served as airline executives, pilot management, pilot instructors, and aviation safety inspectors at various organizations and entities in Hawaii. This provides us with a unique knowledge of operations in the state and to destinations not commonly served by mainland operators. It was this experience and knowledge that helped us develop our aircraft fleet with the safest executive jet aircraft ever built.

The Dassault Falcon 50 is the backbone of Mid-Pacific Jets. This trijet aircraft has the reputation in the aviation industry as one of the safest, best performing, most versatile and most comfortable executive jets ever built.

Having over 40 years in service this incredible piece of engineering has never suffered a hull loss due to mechanical failure. A feat very few aircraft have accomplished. Our inter-island Learjet 31A likewise has an unblemished safety record and represents the technological pinnacle of the classic Learjet design. Both aircraft are extraordinarily reliable and offer all the comforts one would expect in a luxury jet.

At Mid-Pacific Jets aviation is our passion and it shows. From the executive management to the pilots to the customer care staff, we will endeavor to always exceed your expectations. 

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95 Nakolo Place, 96819
Honolulu, United States