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Echelon Flight Support is a global aircraft sales and acquisitions company, that was founded on our vast aviation experience; providing real world answers in today’s dynamic sales environment. We have represented the needs of buyers and sellers in a wide range of aircraft like yours.

Whether buying or selling an aircraft, our comprehensive analysis is only the beginning. Our focus is on crucial elements in the market place, areas such as: Aircraft Sales and acquisitions; Escrow Services; Aircraft Insurance; Aircraft Financing and Aircraft Type Specific Training.

We understand, that the desire to sell means precisely that, Sell. From our initial market analysis to closing documents, everything we do is designed to facilitate the fastest and easiest transaction to an honorable sale.

At Echelon, we are more then a broker. Echelon’s Founder is a high time airline pilot, holds ATP, CFII and A&P certificates with multiple type ratings and flew as a Test Pilot for several North American Manufactures in Product Development. We develop results, whether, buying or selling, we are a partner for all of your aviation needs. We have strong executive and board-level relationships for aircraft loans and aircraft insurance to help facilitate your transaction, Echelon seeks to quickly distinguish real business issues from simple negotiation tactics and works to drive the process to a successful closing.

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Decatur, United States

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