IFL Group, Inc.

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Since 1983 IFL GROUP has, day in and day out, built a solid reputation for being THE reliable choice for air cargo transport. From automotive to military, medical and general cargo (including hazardous materials), our customers trust us with their most time-critical freight. Our state-of-the-art flight operations center coordinates our operations throughout North and Central America, the Caribbean and South America. Because we own and operate our aircraft, we have the flexibility to react to your call immediately. If you're using a carrier tied up with long-term contractual agreements, they typically have to cover those before they have time for you. Contact us for a real-time, second bid: you'll be pleased. We can even cover you during peak charter season, without a contract.
It's a fact of air cargo life: you have to own the lift to protect your customers.

phone +1 800 521 4406
fax +1 248 666 1214
6860 South Service Drive, 48327
Waterford, United States