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British International Helicopters

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Competitive, Agile Services And Operational Excellence

A trusted, long-term partner to both military and emergency services clients.

British International Helicopters, the largest, British-owned helicopter firm, operates both civil and military registered aircraft, regulated under separate aviation authorities, demonstrating an agile ability to meet different, yet equally demanding, regulations on a wide range of complex projects.

BIH is a trusted, long-term partner to both military and commercial clients, delivering a safe, agile and skilled helicopter services in some of the world’s most challenging flying and environmental conditions. We are also the only British-owned company operating in the United Kingdom in the offshore sector.

British International Helicopters is proud to have built an 18-year partnership with the UK Ministry of Defence, supporting operations in the Falkland Islands, as well as delivering a combined SAR and Support Helicopter service to the British Forces South Atlantic Islands operations.

We have also delivered Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST) helicopter support programme for the Royal Navy for more than a decade.

Our experience across a wide range of industries has enabled the British International Helicopters team to build an unparalleled level of skills and insight, enabling us to deliver a bespoke approach, based upon best practice, to each client project.

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The Business Aviation Centre, Terminal Road, Birmingham Airport, West Midlands B26 3QN
Birmingham, United Kingdom