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DragonFly was founded in 2004 by Howard Palser who as a solicitor and pilot had extensive experience of the substantial savings in time and cost achieved by the use of private aircraft for travel on business or pleasure throughout the UK and Europe.

DragonFly was set up to serve principally the South Wales business community, but the company expanded very rapidly to provide clients with a fast, comfortable and safe means of transport from airport and airfields anywhere in the UK and Ireland, to destinations throughout Europe.

Clients fly wherever and whenever they wish. DragonFly is not limited to major regional airports but can use the hundreds of airfields that are dotted about the UK and Europe. Check-in times are measured in minutes.

DragonFly operates a fleet of Beechcraft KingAir 200 series turboprop aircraft, and in 8 years has flown more than 5,000 charter hours.

The aircraft is at the disposal of the client for the duration of the charter. Charges are based on actual flight time - no charge is made for time the aircraft waits on the ground for the return trip. It matters not if a meeting finishes early or late; the aircraft is waiting to take you home.​

With its own offices and passenger handling facilities on the Southside of Cardiff Airport, DragonFly shrinks journey times and makes possible day-return trips, that otherwise would be impossible without an overnight stop.

phone +44 1446 711 144
fax +44 1446 713 300
The White Building, Cardiff Airport, Rhoose Vale of Glamorgan, CF62 3BD
Cardiff, United Kingdom