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We began our aviation sales careers with Cirrus Aircraft in the early 2000s - a time when the advent of Technically Advanced Aircraft coincided with the U.S. property market boom to create abundant opportunities for two young aircraft salesmen.

In 2009, we left Cirrus to found TAS Aircraft Sales - now known as Aerista - after identifying a significant gap in the buying experience between those customers purchasing factory-new aircraft, and those choosing quality, late-model pre-owned aircraft. By bringing our aviation, business and sales expertise to bear, we knew we could create a buying and selling experience for our pre-owned aircraft clients that was second to none. We also knew the key to success, for us and our clients, would be our unrelenting commitment to remain focused on strictly selling aircraft.

At Aerista, we're passionate about perfecting the buying and selling experience. Derived from the Greek word for best, Aristo, the name Aerista embodies the level of service our clients have come to expect and the focus they expect us to maintain.

We believe our approach has been successful because we've aligned it around three core principles:

Integrity. Our clients' priorities always come first.

Relationships. Forging meaningful connections is more important to us than any transaction.
Expertise. We focus on the products & services we know deeply, so we can provide real value to our clients.

Since the beginning, Aerista has been a Cirrus Pre-Owned Sales Partner - a distinction that we are proud of, and which speaks to the high level of service that is expected from, and delivered to, our clients every day. In 2014, Aerista established a turbine aircraft division and now employs specialists in the Vision Jet, Piper PA-46 and Pilatus PC-12 markets.

At Aerista we remain focused on pre-owned aircraft transactions and strive to help you succeed in your aviation endeavors.

Thank you for visiting Aerista, and thank you for being our clients and friends.

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