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Wireless charging for jets | End of Learjet history | First Cessna M2 Gen2 | Aviapages at EBACE

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Hi everyone!
In this episode you will know more about new carbon neutrality programs in business aviation, wireless charging in aircraft cabin, end of history of the legendary aircraft and more. Let's go!

AirGo goes carbon neutral.

Airgo, that specialized in sales, management and mono fleet charter, start to provide first SAF Book & Claim Scheme for Business Aviation. SAF Book & Claim model was developed with Compensaid, an initiative from the Lufthansa Innovation Hub to assure offsetting of carbon emissions. The program gives AirGO customers flexibility about how they want to compensate for the CO2 emission – they can either decide on SAF, which is the fastest way to offset a flight or choose another method of compensation buying offsets for different programs. At the same time, combination of methods is possible depending on personal preferences. 

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Wireless chargers in aircraft become available.

True Blue Power has added FAA-certified wireless chargers to its range of electrical power solutions. The Qi-compliant TWC15 Series wireless chargers provide up to 15W of power for personal electronics such as smartphones and wireless earbuds. Devices are available in 3 configurations possible to install and ideal for use in the cabin and cockpit. The wireless chargers feature an anodized aluminum case. They are designed to meet the latest standards for radio frequency emissions and protect against short circuit, power surge, overload and over-temperature. The chargers feature foreign object detection and will not operate when an electronic device is not present.

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The last Learjet75 was delivered after 58 year of history.

Bombardier has ended production of its Learjet series. The Canadian company will refocus its facilities in Wichita towards flight test and special-missions aircraft. “There’s no doubt that today is an emotional day for many of us as it marks the end of the production era of Learjet,” said vice president of Learjet operations and head of the Wichita Learjet site Tonya Sudduth. The first Learjet 23 was manufactured in 1964 and more than 3000 aircraft were delivered during these years. Nearly 2000 aircraft are still flying.

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Textron has made the first delivery of Cessna Citation M2 Gen2.

Textron Aviation has received FAA type certification and made the first delivery of its Cessna Citation M2 Gen2 business jet. Plans for the seven-passenger M2 Gen2 were unveiled at the 2021 NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas. Upgrades to the M2 Gen2, priced at $5.85 million, include a choice of four interiors; redesigned sidewall ledges; a mix of more durable flooring, including wood and carpet; ambient accent lighting; illuminated cupholders; and wireless charging and USB-A and USB-C ports at each cabin seat. An additional three inches of legroom has also been added to the co-pilot’s seat. Powered by a pair of Williams International FJ44 engines, the M2 Gen2 has a maximum cruise of 748 km/h and a range of 2870 km.

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Aviapages at EBACE.

Aviapages sales team will visit the EBACE from May 23 to May 25. Contact us to schedule a meeting, will be glad to see you!