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Press-release. Aviapages signs its first contract with commercial airline, AirAstana.

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Aviapages signs its first contract with commercial airline, AirAstana

Aviapages, an IT & API solutions provider for business aviation and Air Astana, the principal airline and flag carrier of the Republic of Kazakhstan, have started a successful partnership.

With over 300 projects in business aviation to date, Aviapages delivers its first project with a commercial airline. The main task was to tailor the service with additional options and create customized aircraft profiles based on the flight performance data of their fleet.

Aviapages IT team reviewed capabilities of Flight Time Calculation tools and customized passenger aircraft profiles that were not included in our system. Another feature is “Custom Payload” which calculates flights in cases when standard payload for passenger aircraft is exceeded, or it is used as cargo, which proved handy during the pandemic when commercial planes transported medical equipment. Aviapages also improved calculation algorithms for ultra-short flights (around 600 km).

Air Astana JSC, Performance team, Darya Berkinbayeva commented the cooperation,
"We have chosen Aviapages as the Flight Calculator provider as their tool is very easy and quick to use. It gives all the required outputs (a distance in nautical miles and kilometers, a map with a route on it, fuel burn and flight time expected). The custom inputs as payload and countries to be avoided are great options too as they help to make calculations more precise. Previously it all had to be calculated manually and was time-consuming. Now the team may focus on strategic projects instead of multiple calculations."

“That is the first partnership contract we signed with a commercial airline, and we are particularly proud to collaborate with one of largest companies in the region. We were impressed by real interest towards our tool, professional inquisitiveness and punctuality of the Air Astana team in regards to requested documentation, technical questions and testing. After the successful completion of this project, we hope to develop an API integration together in the future as well as broaden our regional client portfolio.” said Aviapages CTO, Maxim Gruzin

Aviapages is a B2B platform providing IT tools, API solutions and directories listings for business aviation market players worldwide. The company is best known for its Flight Time & Route Calculator, Charter Quote, Directories. The range of services also includes API solutions for flight time calculation, routing and fuel burn, charter request & quote, flight schedule & empty legs, weather & NOTAMs, aircraft, airports & companies information. Aviapages operates within three main markets: Europe, US and Asia.