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Flying Hotel or "Flytanic" - journey into the future.

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A video, as well as the concept of floating hotel or flying world has become viral on YouTube. Sky Cruise or a “Flytanic” as it was called across Internet is a giant floating machine that could carry up to 5000 passenger offering luxurious lifestyle and everything that a normal city has – bars, restaurants, cinema halls, theaters, game rooms, venues to get married, observation tower etc. Hashem Al-Ghaili the creator of this video told he was inspired by Japanese movie Castle in the Sky and current flying experience had become tiresome and outdated. The animator believes it would go for the 2040s at the latest. Nuclear energy was part of the design because the Sky Cruise need sufficient energy for the takeoff and it could be possible when powerful nuclear reactors become small enough to fit inside a plane that size. Powered by nuclear fusion, the ship will be able to remain afloat for years together, all without carbon emissions.

Well, some time age we couldn’t believe that cars with electric engine and totally automatic driving mode are possible. Now we have Tesla. How could we think that “Flytanic” will not come true? 

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