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EcoJet | New Kodiak 900 | ACH160 in Brazil | 7X & 8X manuals revise | DC Aviation hangar in Munich

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Hi to all aviation professionals!
This is new episode of Aviapages BizAv News Digest that is full with commercial news and some new aircraft projects. Let’s go! 

Bombadrdier’s EcoJet – a jump to the “ZERO carbon” era?

Presented at EBACE 2022 Bombardier’s EcoJet project attracts more and more attention. The project aims to explore how to reduce carbon emission with up to 50% or to drive it out of air transport. Does the manufacturer tries to jump into the “ZERO carbon” era? The aircraft demonstration prototype has futuristic design that impresses a lot! It looks like a machine from the future. The emission reduction will be achieved through a combination of aerodynamics and propulsion enhancements. Bombardier engineers look to a blended wing and smooth fuselage as a part of foundation for emission reduction. It takes years to build full size aircraft, and company is not sure about latest technologies of propulsion system to use for the aircraft, but Hydrogen or Electric engines could be potential options too. The development program for a new aircraft typically requires several hundreds of employees and spans a period of 10 to 15 years.

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Ecojet full presentation.

World's first ACH160 delivered to customer.

The world’s first ACH160 was delivered to Brazilian customer during LABACE event at Congonhas airport, São Paulo. The helicopter is the first H160 to fly in Latin America. “We are very proud that the world’s first ACH160 has been delivered here in Brazil, and look forward to seeing its distinctive and elegant silhouette flying through the skies of São Paulo,” stated Jean-Luc Alfonsi, Managing Director of Airbus Helicopters’ Brazilian customer center, Helibras. ACH160 can fly with up to 10 passengers on board. Depending on conditions its maximum range is 852 km or 4 hours 30 minutes non-stop flgiht. The maximum cruise speed is about 287 km/h.  The whole fuselage of this helicopter is made from composite materials. Airbus has got 68 patents during fuselage engineering and it sounds fantastic! The model is represented with the latest engine Arrano 1A, hidden tail rotor Fenestron and rotor blades «blue-edge» that has the form of a boomerang. These 3 points make the flight more quiet and comfortable. Helicopter construction and top performances reduce operation expenses and allow customers to have a speed flight with the comfort level of a business jet.   

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More about ACH160.

New Era for Kodiak 900.

The Kodiak 900 made its global debut at EAA airVenture show in the beginning of august.

Dagher company has introduced a larger and faster version of the reliable and robust Kodiak, which has expanded the company's product line becoming a totally new vesrion of old Kodik 900. This turboprop aircraft t does not reach high speeds, but it is as versatile as possible: it can be equipped for cargo transportation, flights of dignitaries, medical evacuation, passenger charter, etc. The interior layout of the cabin can be made in several configurations - from a double club layout to a completely forward-facing layout. With new Summit+ passenger seats adjustable in different directions, the Kodiak 900 meets a wide range of user requirements. Custom panels with USB-A and USB-C ports, LEMO headphone jacks, cup holders and phone holders are now on every seat. They can also be completely removed to get maximum payload space. The new model includes a new composite Hartzell five-blade propeller, wheel fairings, flap track fairings, and a host of airframe changes to increase the speed. The Kodiak 900’s operating economics have been improved, with a nine percent reduction in specific fuel consumption. This lowers the cost-per-seat-mile and the direct operating costs for commercial operators. The Kodiak 900 includes a full Garmin G1000 NXi cockpit and GFC 700 autopilot.

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Kodiak 900 full presentation.

At least 20 Overture Boom Supersonic AC for American Airlines.

American airlines ordered 20 Boom Supersonic aircraft with possibility to increase the order with additional 40 Overture aircraft. Company already paid a non-refundable advance for first 20 aircraft. This sounds like a very risky investment, because Boom Supersonic presented final design for Overture aircraft in July 2022 an plans to carry first passenger by 2029. According the project Overture airliner could carry from 65 to 80 passengers at Mach 1.7 – that is twice speed of today's fastest commercial aircraft, and has a range of 7871 km. You can find more info about Overture Supersonic airliner in our March episode

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Luxaviation gets over 1000 requests per day.
Luxaviation UK office reported about very unexpectedly busy season – company get over 1000 request per day, especially in July 2022! UK office CEO and head of charter sales Europe commented that incoming inquiries were off the scale, they had never experienced such a busy period. Company added that is partly due to post-pandemic new users choosing to fly privately and safely, but also new users who wanted to avoid the current airport and airline chaos of delays and cancellations. Besides main popular summer destination, this season attracts more travelers to islands around the Mediterranean, mainland Greece, Portugal and Spain.

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TAG Aviation adds G5500 to its fleet.

TAG Aviation added Global 5500 to its fleet for summer season. The aircraft is the first UK's 5500 and third in Europe. This addition to TAG European fleet brings company managed fleet to more than 80 aircraft. The Global is based in Farnbourgh airport. The aircraft is configured to carry 12 passengers and luggage volume of 10-12 standard suitcases. Its maximum range is up to 10186 km, the cruising speed is about 900 km/h and 11 hours non-stop flight.

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DC Aviation new Hangar in Munich

DC Aviation held a ceremony dedicated it's new hangar at Munich Oberpfaffenhofen Airport. The hangar covers 6000 square meters, it also includes 400 square meters space of designer lounge, including a conference area, and a separate crew lounge. The new DC Aviation station should offer full range of handling services and aircraft maintenance. 

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Dassault revises 7X and 8X manuals.

Dassault revises 7X and 8X manuals. Operators of Falcon 7X and 8X aircraft were instructed urgently to amend the aircraft’s flight manual because of technical issues with slats. There is an occurrence involving a failed extension of the inboard slats during landing. While the flight-control synoptic correctly depicted the retracted slats’ position, the failure was not indicated by the crew alerting system.

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Aviapages continues major updates. 

Charter Request tool is the next one to get new design and additional options. Besides general design update of the tool it will have better processing speed. Together with Charter Request update we prepare new page for brokers also – Broker Dashboard called “My Requests”. The dashboard should simplify tracking of current and previous request and is designed for easier data reading as on desktop website as at your smartphone.  Operator’s Dashboard will get its updates soon also.  

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