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EBACE 2022 Highlights with Aviapages, 23-25 May.

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Hi everyone!

After 2 turbulent years and lack of communication, EBACE united the business aviation family as usual! Aviapages team visited the most expected event of the industry and we could say it was enjoyed as never before! Aircraft manufacturers, charter operators and brokers, FBOs, MROs and other companies showed that they are still in business and ready for communication, new opportunities and cooperation. Beautiful aircraft display with the latest aircraft opened for everyone, tens of booths and stands with high-end technologies and well-known engines, thousands of visitors – all this impressed us! Let’s see how the EBACE was and what was prepared for visitors! 

Flying car PAL-V.

     Flying car PAL-V was the first thing you see entering the Palexpo hall. Very strange vehicle at first sight but interesting concept when you know more about its capabilities. Its quite similar to the taxi from the 5th element of Luke Besson movie! Just imagine, you’re having a meeting at Nice Airport, then one more meeting in Monaco and should come back to Nice the same day. No problem, if you have this car….or helicopter?

     The flying car is designed for 2 persons and luggage load up to 20 kg. It has 100 liters fuel tank and even Euro95 fuel could be used for both, drive and flight modes. The car has maximum speed of 160 km/h and 1315 km range in drive mode. In flight mode maximum speed is 180km/h and the range is up to 500 km or 4.3 hours non-stop flight. 

Global8000 – aircraft of the new age

     The Bombardier company had very impressive stand. The enormous led-screen was showing the latest achievements of the company and all Bombardier aircraft. Besides static display with famous Global 7500, company brought great full size mock-up of Challenger 3500 announced in 2021 on their stand and presented Global 8000 – the aircraft that should begin the new age of avionics, cabin design and fuel consumption.

     This aircraft has quite interesting story. The Global 8000 was scheduled to enter in service in 2017, but then it was postponed due to order backlog and company decided to concentrate its efforts of Global7500. Now the 8000 is launched officially and ready to be ordered. The aircraft should have the greatest top speed – Mach 0.94 besides all ultra long range aircraft in the world. Great goal and achievement! The range is unique and awesome also – up to 14816 km, seems to be the greatest for transcontinental flight. For the cabin design and floor plan this aircraft has got some novelties also – dedicated crew suite separated from passengers cabin and the cockpit. Besides all this options, passenger get maximum comfort and high-end technologies during the flight with entertainment system and Bombardier Opera audio, touch cabin management, Ka-band internet on board and separated living, conference and relax areas. 

Agusta AW169 upgrade – fully passenger helicopter.   

     Agusta presented on their stand AW169 helicopter that has got numerous options of cabin design and new floor plan. This bird surprised us with 6 seats in cabin and more space inside, as 4 seats in cabin part closer to the tail are organized in 2 “levels”. The solution looks interesting and really gives more personal space and space inside the cabin in general.  

     The helicopter was designed for ambulance, rescue and special missions initially. Then company decide to move forward with this model and now we can see passenger type of AW169 that includes 3 design options for the interior – New York in light brown colors, London in black & gray and light beige Florence. These options creates new Agusta feature called Interior Moods layouts. 

ACJ TwoTwenty – VR experience and interactive configuration.

     Airbus had no so many aircraft on static display, but created a great interaction opportunity on their stand – visitors could have a VR experience in “cabin” and 360degrees-tour using large display with their will-know configuration near the TwoTwenty model, that allowed to customize the cabin design and floor plan and see how it will look like after the production.

     The first aircraft is expected to enter in service with its owner by early 2023. The ACJ TwoTwenty is a new and unique value proposition to business aviation buyers. This game changer combines intercontinental range of non-stop 12 hours flight with unique option of six wide VIP living areas, equipped with a signature flexible cabin catalogue. This fully completed aircraft is ideal for private and business jet users. Also, bigger cabin, longer range and quiet operation – all with the lightest possible environmental footprint. Airbus offers 4 design option for the aircraft interior, including colorful graffiti design - a special edition by Cyril Kongo, french painter and graffiti artist. 

Pratt & Whitey and Honeywell engines – how do they work?

     Engines manufactures added WOW-effect to their stands and to the exhibition in general. Pratt & Whitney and Honeywell showed most popular engines in their product line. Pratt & Whitney presented their PW300 and PW 800 engines, that are used for mid-size and long-range business jets. The PW300 family comprises 4 engine series and 13 models, PW800 is the only one model in product line. Honeywell company showed to the public HTF7000 turbofan engine, that includes 6 models in family.   All 3 engines were presented in real size and, the most important and interesting part that engines had opened side under the glass and visitors could see how the engine works to produce the traction! 

Dassault Aviation – from 2000LX to the newest Falcon 10X.

     It seems that Dassault Aviation had the largest product line presented on the stand – From Falcon 2000LX to full-size cabin mock-up of the latest Falcon 10X.

Dassault Aviation introduced the Falcon 10X, a new advanced business jet entering in service in 2025. High-speed wings from carbon fibre composite, the latest version of Rolls-Royce’s Pearl 10X engines and next-generation flight control systems – all this will make the aircraft the first one from ultra long ranges for transoceanic journey. Passenger will enjoy the biggest in class cabin with great flexibility and configuration options, 38 windows that are with 50% wider than in Falcon 8X and advanced entertainment technologies.

Airbus revives ACH130 Aston Martin edition.

     Airbus helicopter division impressed visitors with news that company continue production of ACH130 Aston Martin edition. Just look and this super-stylish interior. Friendly speaking, we could not decide which one is better – Embraer & Porcshe duet or ACH & Aston Martin.

     ACH130 had its first flight in 2011 and first delivery in October 2012, after getting EASA & FAA certificates. Nowadays more than 750 helicopters are sold in 65 countries. Aircraft shows great takeoff weight up to 2.5 tonnes, 236 km/h cruise speed and maximum range of 643 km or 4 hours 13 minutes non-stop flight. Up to 7 passengers and 1 pilot can accommodate inside the helicopter. This stylish special edition of the ACH130 helicopter comes equipped with a range of four interior and exterior designs generated by Aston Martin, which will delight helicopter owners and pilots who appreciate the pleasures of possessing and driving high performance bespoke luxury cars. Available in four external liveries with complementary interiors, the helicopters are embellished with Aston Martin signature elements, starting with the iconic Aston Martin wings, which are embossed onto luxury leather features, tastefully positioned throughout the cabin.

EHang 216 Drone Taxi – closer to the future.

     In the end, one more vehicle that surprised us and moved to the future was EHang 216 Drone Taxi! We cannot believe this is already possible in 21st century. The drone taxi can fly with up to 2 passengers on board and has totally autonomous flight control and intelligent navigation systems. Hope the eVTOL technology will find their customers and we will fly over cities with this nice taxis!    

     The EHang was created for 2 passenger and can fly with cruise speed up to 130km/h generated by electric engine. It is powered by 16 electric motors, which are connected to 16 propeller blades in coaxial double-baled design.  The minimum flight duration of the aircraft is 30 minutes, while the maximum flight range is 35km.

That were some EBACE highlights - only small part from novelties of business aviation world. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to discover more. We will keep you posted! Bye-Bye!