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Dream Helicopter - Hill HX50

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British aerospace engineer Jason Hill realized his 10-year dream and created a stylish, modern design of a light helicopter, introduced in 2020 - the 5-seat Hill HX50.
By November of the last year, Hill Helicopters had received hundreds of orders and manufactured its first solid carbon fiber fuselage, which plans to begin flight testing by the end of 2023. The interior is spacious, with a luggage compartment easily capable to accommodate 3 full-size bags or several sets of golf clubs.

Options include built-in electric heaters and ventilation of air-conditioned seats, a cooled compartment of the center console for cooling drinks and snacks, a power supply for each passenger's tablet with audio streaming directly to the headphones. Child seats can be installed. Other options include a pilot-controlled blade folding system, a Helimove electric ground handling system, a secure wireless connection of the home base with electric hangar doors, sleds or wheeled equipment, and an emergency float system. The digital cockpit may include synthetic vision. A 2-axis autopilot is included as standard, a 4-axis one is optional. The company designed windows in a way as to provide the pilot and passengers with a wide view from the outside, and the rear passenger seats will be attached to the bulkhead, which will allow these passengers to see over the heads of the front row passengers.

The company has reached the final stages of aerodynamic optimization and develops bearings, turbine discs, gears, gearboxes and finished metal components. 

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