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Discover more info about Avapages API

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  • What is Aviapages API? API is the technology that allows to receive data from our website tools and databases directly to your website, app or flight scheduling & quoting system using a special key. The key links your server with ours and opens access for data sharing between two systems.

    Aviapages provides a wide range of IT services for business aviation worldwide. Our Flight Calculator is used for flight time and fuel burn estimation for more than 700 aircraft worldwide. Over 10000 aircraft from 4000 operators are available for quoting and booking in Charter Quote tool. Search information about charter companies, jets and helicopters, airports and FBOs in Charter Directories.

    Aviapages API includes:
  • Flight Time & Route Calculator - estimate the flight time with great accuracy in seconds, pre-calculate the fuel burn, build the airway route according to current geopolitical conditions. Make hundreds of simultaneous calculations in real time to find the best solutions. Additional aircraft customization can help achieve the level of accuracy you require.

    Charter Directories - get full access to our extensive database of air charter companies, aircraft, airports, and other charter service providers. Search operators and their charter fleet, detailed company data and contact information. Find a meeting point with the exact location for a FBO. Get high quality aircraft photos, list of on-board services, tail and serial numbers and a lot more.

    Charter Quote – search most suitable operators worldwide for your trip, get a cost estimate, create a quote and start receiving offers. Then book once you’ve found the best offer.

    METAR, TAF & NOTAM info is often used by charter operators during the flight planning, or by FBOs and handling companies. We provide them for worldwide airport and FIRs. Additionally they can be grouped, decoded and sorted by severity for faster and easier usage.

    Aviapages is integrated into popular flight scheduling platforms. You can find our Flight Time Calculator, Schedule and Quote API in Skylegs, Leon, FL3XX, Nuvolops, Stack Aero and My Sky. Operators can receive quotes and make offers in these systems. Sharing schedule and empty legs with Aviapages will allow you to receive more valuable offers and increase your charter sales.

    Aviapages API provides you with critical charter information that lets you optimize your workflow and increase the speed of data processing for sales, operations & dispatch. Aviapages API has free tiers that are suitable for small services and.